For reeling Missouri city, possible 2nd punch looms

JOPLIN, Mo. (AP) — Rescue crews in the Missouri city that was walloped by a deadly tornado are racing to find
survivors with even more storms on the horizon.

The death toll in Joplin reached 116 on Monday and is expected to climb.
But there were glimmers of hope: Rescuers
have pulled 17 people from the rubble.

The governor has promised that crews will keep searching until everyone is accounted for.

The killer tornado ripped through the heart of Joplin on Sunday night.

And the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., says there’s a possibility for another large tornado outbreak in
the Midwest on Tuesday.

‘High risk’ of severe weather in plains states

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) — The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center says there is a high risk of severe
weather that could include tornadoes in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas and Missouri.

The highest risk area for severe weather Tuesday extends from south-central Oklahoma to south-central Kansas.

The prediction center says there is a moderate risk of severe weather that could include tornadoes extending from
northern Texas, across much of Oklahoma to central Kansas, and into western Arkansas and southwestern Missouri, where a
Sunday night tornado is blamed for at least 116 deaths in Joplin.

The severe weather could also include wind gusts of 55 to 75 mph and nearly baseball-sized hail.

Obama: Midwest storms devastating, heartbreaking

LONDON (AP) — President Barack Obama says he will travel to Missouri on Sunday to meet with people affected by what
he called “devastating and heartbreaking” tornadoes.

The president says he wants Midwesterners whose lives were disrupted by the deadly storms last weekend to know that
the federal government will use all resources at its disposal to help them recover and rebuild.

More than 100 people were killed in the Missouri town of Joplin when a twister hit Sunday.

Obama spoke in London, the second stop on his four-country, six-day tour of Europe. Obama is due back in Washington
Saturday night.