Folks learn prevention tools at Suicide Prevention Summit at UWL

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

A suicide prevention summit took place at UWL’s Student Union.

Everyone from teachers to paramedics learned about suicide and tools for preventing it at work or even at home.

As the mental health crisis grows worse, folks say suicide prevention should be as normalized as knowing CPR.

Many people who helped lead the summit have experienced the effects of suicide first-hand.

“The people that have lived through it–suicide loss, suicide attempts, suicidal thoughts–they actually have a lot to say about what can be done to prevent this from happening,” said President of United Suicide Survivors International Sally Spencer-Thomas.

Clinical Psychologist Sally Spencer-Thomas spoke at the summit today and will speak again at Viterbo University on Thursday at 7 in a presentation called ‘Be a Shining Light of Hope’.