Flu season sees slow start in Wisconsin

Professionals: You should still do what you can to prevent it

The influenza season got off to a slow start in Wisconsin, but officials with the Department of Health Services have noticed an increase in cases in the first weeks of 2016, including in La Crosse.

Mayo Clinic Health System has treated several patients with influenza, and has had three hospitalizations so far this year.

The mild season is attributed to many different factors, including warmer weather and the vaccine matching the current flu strain. Medical professionals say while we’ve had an easy start to the flu season, you should still do what you can to prevent it.

“I think it would be safe to assume we’re going to have a lighter flu season than we’ve had for several years. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any flu, and that we’re not seeing it, so anybody who hasn’t yet still can and should get the flu vaccine, like I said if they haven’t had a chance to yet,” said Mayo Clinic Health System Infection Preventionist Kellee Dixon.

Gundersen Health System still has had no cases of influenza.