Flooding forces campers to move to higher ground

About 130 campsites are under water at Goose Island Campground

Many people are looking forward to camping and enjoying the outdoors for the Fourth of July weekend, but it looks like Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.       

Right now Goose Island Campgrounds does have some flooding, but they are still able to rent out about one-third of their campsites.  

Sue Lachman, a seasonal county clerk with Goose Island Campgrounds, said true campers aren’t going to let a little flood water ruin their entire vacation.

“We knew this was coming,” said Lachman.

This isn’t Lachman’s first time as a campgrounds host so the sight of flooding, is nothing new to her.

“This is Mother Nature’s way of doing what she does,” said Lachman. “I just think about my husband and I were walking down the end there about three weeks ago, and now everything just happened and it seemed like it happened over night,” said Lachman.

Of the 400 campsites at Goose Island, many of them are in really good shape, but about 130 of them are completely under water.

Due to the recent flooding, Lachman said she is doing everything she can to accommodate the campers.

“Tell them you’re a mother, but you’re not Mother Nature,” said Lachman.

Some campers move to higher ground and others reschedule, but a select few make the most of the situation.

“The people who have the larger rigs say, ‘You know what, I am still going to bring a tent or find a pop up because we love to camp,'” said Lachman.

Although about one-third of the campground is under water, Lachman said there is still plenty of room.

“People hear that Goose Island is flooded out. We are not flooded out, we just have flooding,” said Lachman.

News 8 also checked in with Pettibone Campground. They are currently closed due to the flooding. All 300 of their campsites are underwater, so they had to cancel all of their reservations. They are hoping to open back up in about two weeks.

If you do plan on camping next weekend, now would be a good time to check on your reservation to make sure your campsite is still in good shape.