Flash flooding damages several roads in Jackson County

Cities and towns in Jackson County are still dealing with all the rain Western Wisconsin received the last few days.

The entire county declared a state of emergency because of flash floods damaging more than a dozen roads.

From Sunday into Monday morning, rainfall totals in northern Jackson County ranged from 6-8 inches according to some locals.

All that rain led to flash flooding throughout the county, but small communities like the Town of Cleveland were hit extremely hard with nearly 60 percent of the town’s roads being damaged and now closed.

The Town of Cleveland is just south of Fairchild and north of Alma Center, not far from Osseo and Interstate-94.

These are just a few of the spots washed away by flash flooding on Labor Day.

Not far from his driveway, the road farmer Harold Holman lives on has completely washed away.

“We had 6 inches here,” Holman said.

Holman has lived in his home since 1939. The creek that flooded goes right through his 300-acre farm. He said he’s seen some flooding in his days, but never where the road has completely washed away.

“I have to drive 3.5 miles around the road to get to my other barn,” Holman said.

Gary Ausen is the Town of Cleveland Patrolman; he is in charge of all the streets in the town. He said he got a call at 11 p.m. Sunday that the roads were flooding and he didn’t make it back home until 6:30 p.m. on Monday.

“Because all the roads here in the Town of Cleveland were basically closed,” Ausen said. “I also drive school bus and I called my boss and I said, ‘You’re going to have school?’ and he said, ‘Yeah the superintendent wants to,’ and he said, ‘Which roads are closed?’ I said, ‘It would be easier to tell you which ones are open.'”

Ausen said four people were injured in two separate car accidents, but no injuries were life-threatening. He said thankfully only roads were impacted by flooding, there have been no reports of homes damaged.

Now it’s just a matter of getting all the roads back to drive-able.

“There’s a lot of them that aren’t this bad, but there are a lot of them,” Ausen said.

Ausen said there was a meeting Tuesday night to discuss prioritizing streets for construction. He said one of the issues he is dealing with a lack of trucks to haul in sand for each road because there is so much work being done around the county.

He said there is no timetable on getting all roads back to normal, he just hopes it is soon.

A state of emergency was also declared for Buffalo County. 

Disaster declarations were also made in the City of Osseo, the Village of Eleva and Trempealeau County.

County and town officials are asking the public to stay away from the damaged roads at all costs for safety reasons.

Below is a summary of the road damage as of Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. sent to News 8 from Jackson County Emergency Management Coordinator Kristina Page:

– County Road F north of Sand Road (Town of Alma) is now open. Shoulder damage
– US Highway 10 and Railroad Trestle – Small washout on northwest side of bridge and guardrail damage on southeast side of bridge. Road Open
– West Lange Road east of Primus Road – Small washout (Town of Cleveland)  
– West Lange Road west of Primus Road – Washout (Town of Cleveland)
– Braimer Road (Town of Cleveland) – Road closed – Culvert completely washed out
– Town Hall Road (Town of Cleveland) south of Lange Road – small washout
– Old Stage Road (Town of Cleveland) – Road Closed – Culvert completely washed out
– Hill Road (Town of Cleveland) at County Road B – small washout
– E Town Line Road (Town of Cleveland) – Road closed – Culvert completely washed out – Three (3) houses cut off – Repair is expected Wednesday
– Country Road T North of County Road B – Shoulder washed out
– County Road T north of Crave Road – Shoulder washed out
– Hill Road south of US Highway 10 (Town of Cleveland) – Road Closed – Road almost completely washed away
– Moore Road near Fees Road (Town of Garden Valley) – Road Closed – Culvert completely washed out – was under repair
– Crave Road (Town of Garfield) – partially open. Small wash outs. Unknown time for repairs
– Kay Road (Town of Garfield) – Closed. Full culvert washout. Unknown time for repairs
– Hillcrest Road (Town of Garfield) – Closed, Full culvert washout. Unknown time for repairs
– Hawk Island Road (Town of Manchester) – Covered with water. Unknown Damage