First ever Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Mayor Kabat thanks local police officers for their work

Law enforcement officers from across the nation are being recognized for their work in our communities.

Friday marks the first ever ‘Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.’

La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat thanked the local police department for their work in our community. The event is being hosted across the country as dozens of Law Enforcement organizations partnered to honor law enforcement in light of recent negativity towards police officers nationally.

The La Crosse Police chief says it’s nice to be recognized for all of the good police officers do on a daily basis.

“What we want the public to know is that they’re out there doing their job. We have an extremely professional, accountable police department and we just want them to know that we’re here to support the community. And for all the good that we do, we’d like the community to support us, as well,” said La Crosse Police Department Chief Ron Tischer.

To show support for our local law enforcement, La Crosse’s mayor asked the community to wear blue.