First couple graduates from Wabasha County Substance Abuse Court

Program helped keep couple sober for a decade

A Minnesota couple is celebrating being sober for the last decade.

Tiffany Hunsley and Bill Hall were the first graduates of the Wabasha County Substance Abuse Court, a program that monitors drug use, provides treatment and support groups, and helps people get back on their feet.

The two of them were arrested for cooking meth. Now their lives are completely different. Bill says everything really set in when he got custody of his children back.

“It truly broke my heart watching my kids be taken and today it is a true blessing to be able to go to my two children’s sporting events,” said Hall.

Had the two of them not gone through the program Tiffani would have been out of jail about 18 months ago and Bill would still be in. When you add in the price of Foster Care, the estimated cost to keep these two behind bars tops $500,000.

“They can act as role models, but it’s more than just role modeling. They’re actually helping people, and anytime you can reduce the consequences of addiction in the community, that’s a benefit to the community,” said Wabasha County’s Drug Court Coordinator Dave Kuntz.

Kuntz said most of the 50 graduates from the program have stayed sober.