First clue for Oktoberfest Medallion Hunt released

Winner of hunt gets $500

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The Oktoberfest Medallion Hunt is underway!

Here is clue one:

“A year that’s so different from all others,

We’d all enjoy a full Fest if we had our druthers;

No foolin’, this pandemic has halted everything in sight,

At least there’s this challenge to provide a little gemutlichkeit.”

As a reminder to anyone hunting for the medallion, it is in La Crosse city limits.

It is not buried in the ground and is on public property.

The location is accessible 24 hours, but posted hours should be observed.

And look closely, because the medallion is small.

It fits in the palm of a hand.

Finding the medallion is worth more than pride.

As in past years, the winner of the hunt will get $500.

Details are available on the Oktoberfest website.