Fireworks stands stay busy in La Crosse

Stands say cancellation of

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The cancellation of many fireworks shows in our area is leading some people to set up their own fireworks displays.

Fireworks stands are up throughout our area and the number of customers is up.

Staff at one local stand say they have a good reason why they’re seeing more customers.

“I’ve never honestly seen it so busy. With all the city fireworks canceled we’re seeing more sales than I’ve ever seen in probably ten years,” said Cornellier Fireworks Tent Manager Jake Schram.

With the increase in business, it isn’t just familiar faces that are stopping by the tents.

Some new customers are making purchases.

The shopping experience is more than just a one time event for some.

“I actually came by here yesterday. just stopped in to see what they had for fireworks to make sure that they had the ones that I’m looking for,” said fireworks shopper Charity Maradiaga.

If you’re hoping to get your fireworks fix, you might need to hurry.

Some stands except to be sold out of fireworks by the end of the weekend.