Fire Dept. Teaches Students About Fire Safety

La Crosse Fire Department travels to schools for Fire Prevention Week

As part of Fire Prevention Week, the La Crosse Fire Department made trips around the La Crosse School District to teach students about fire prevention and safety.

The fire department went over how to prevent fires, what to do if a smoke detector goes of, and how to get out of a building filled with smoke.

“It helps teach safety, what not to do, but then they know what to do when it happens. It’s kind of like muscle memory, every year we go through it.  Over and over and over so hopefully the children never have to deal with an event like this but when it does happen, they know just how to react,” said Lt. Steve Cash of the La Crosse Fire Department.

The fire department attempts to talk with every Pre-K through 5th Grade student in the La Crosse School District.