Festmaster 2013: David Ring

Announcement made at the annual Festmaster's Ball Friday night

David Ring is the 2013 Festmaster.

The announcement came during the annual Festmaster’s Ball Friday night at the La Crosse Center.

David has lived in La Crosse since 1962. He works in community relations for Kwik Trip. He wife Denise has been a math teacher at Aquinas for 23 years. They have two kids: Rya, a sophomore at the University of Iowa, and Scott, a senior at Aquinas High School.

“I feel very honored and humbled to represent the community,” Ring said. “I have such a strong passion for La Crosse, the region. I look forward to giving back.”

David and Denise will spend the next year promoting Oktoberfest and representing La Crosse at various events.

“We got our work cut out for us,” Ring said. “You can never have enough ein prosits.”

This is the last year Oktoberfest will be 9 days. The 54th annual event will be cut down to 4 days in 2014.

“Somewhat of an end of the era with a 9-day period,” Ring said. “We’re looking forward to it. Gives us five extra days with the royal family.”