Festival Foods cookie sales raise money for breast cancer research

The fight against breast cancer in our area gets a boost thanks to a donation from a locally-based grocery chain.

Festival Foods presented a check for nearly $2500 to the Gundersen Medical Foundation at their new store in Holmen on Wednesday.

During the month of October, $1 from every pack of pink and white cookies sold at Festival Foods was set aside to help fund local breast cancer research efforts.

“It’s nice that they want to keep the money local, because the research that we do here does help globally,” said Deb Kroner of the Gundersen Medical Foundation. “What we’re doing is going to help around the United States, but they also know when you walk into the store, you see it here, you’re helping your friends and your neighbors as well.”

Festival Foods has held the pink cookie fundraiser for breast cancer research every year since 2011. So far, they’ve raised a total of nearly $21,500.