Festival Foods and People’s Food co-op collaborate on organics collection program

Festival Foods and People’s Food co-op started an organics collection program last month.

The purpose is to compost existing material–like leftover food or anything that naturally breaks down–into soil.

Another aspect of the program is waste management. Normally, the materials used for composting would end up filling large amounts of space in a landfill. Collecting these materials gives them a purpose beyond filling space.

Hilltopper’s Refuse and Recycling coordinator detailed the role his company played in the program. “So we’re kind of that bridge that builds between the producer of the materials–all the scrap, produce that doesn’t get used or just gets thrown in the trash–we’re just collecting it in a dumpster pretty much and then we’re taking it down to the compost site,” he said. “So we’re just building that bridge between the compost site and the grocery store.”

After Hilltopper Refuse and Recycling collects the compost, the material then goes to Green Earth Compost in Holmen who convert the material into soil.

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