Feingold visits with business owners in La Crosse

Former senator stops in La Crosse as part of tour across state

A former U.S. Senator hoping to get his seat back made a stop in La Crosse Friday.

Russ Feingold visited the Coulee Region Business Center Friday morning as part of a listening tour he’s taking to hear from entrepreneurs across the state.

Business owners say it’s a unique chance to speak directly to someone who could have a hand in shaping policy.

“It is good to have that opportunity here, which we get more than if we just had a place in the general public,” said Boyd Grant, who co-owns Designz.

Feingold stressed the importance of getting out and hearing the voices of people across Wisconsin.

“If you want to be a senator for the people of this state, you need to get out and listen to them and also find out what they’re doing in an innovative way if you really want to be ready to do the job,” said Feingold.

Feingold says one of the things he heard from business owners Friday was the need for qualified workers. He says many businesses are looking to hire, but need extra funding to make sure their workers are properly trained.

That’s why he wants to make sure community and technical colleges stay affordable for anyone looking for work.

“Employers want it, there are great ideas here and there are good jobs that might be available, but if we don’t have the partnership between government and these opportunities, we will not get the benefit that we should have,” said Feingold.

Feingold’s opponent, Senator Ron Johnson, has also recently supported making college possible for more students. Johnson voted to extend the federal government’s Perkins Loan Program in December.