Feingold stops in La Crosse, talks seniors’ issues

Stops have focused on student, water quality, veterans, senior issues

A local campaign trail is making its way through our area.

Wisconsin Senate Candidate Russ Feingold stopped by La Crosse’s Harry Olson Senior Center for a listening session Tuesday afternoon while on his trail to take back his old seat from incumbent Ron Johnson.

The day’s stop is part of a series of visits Feingold will make across the state in an attempt to listen to residents’ concerns and ideas about Wisconsin’s economy.

“Biggest thing I’ve heard from people is that middle income and working families are finding it thought to pay their bills. Those at the top are doing well, unemployment is lower, but the deal isn’t working for the hard working people of our state,” said Feingold.

Feingold’s stops have focused on student, water quality, veterans, and senior issues.