February Top Notch Teacher: Becky Lussky

Luther HS Spanish teacher mentor to students

February’s Top Notch Teacher comes from Luther High School in Onalaska. 

Becky Lussky is known for creating upbeat lesson plans and activities in her Spanish class, as well as being a top role model for her students. 

“The first day they walk into class, they are greeted in Spanish, and we never go backwards,” Lussky said. 

She’s been a teacher there for almost two decades. 

“I have a passion for the language and it is fun to impart that passion to the students.” 

Lussky said the best thing about her job, is seeing the kids use the language outside of the classroom. 

“For example, students will come to me and say, ‘Senora, yesterday at work I was able to help a Spanish speaking customer.'” 

Which makes her one step closer to her goal. 

“My number one goal for my students is that they have the confidence to communicate in Spanish.” 

But teaching Spanish is just part of her job. The other part is being a mentor. 

“One of our goals as teachers is to prepare our students to be productive citizens,” Lussky said. 

That is why she is the advisor for the National Honor Society. 

“She encourages us to help the community and help people the best we can,” said Luther High School student Lilli Gannon. 

Gannon, a member of the society, looks up to Mrs. Lussky as a leader. 

“She lets her light shine with all she does and is a really good example of a Christian woman,” Gannon said.

Leading by example for the students she cares so much about.

“I have a passion for teaching and the passion for teaching comes from loving the students,” Lussky said. 

Mrs. Lussky is in her 19th year of teaching at Luther High School and will continue to spread her passion for language to her students.

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