Farmer’s Market Challenge gives incentive to buy local foods

There’s a new incentive to enjoy locally-grown food.

The Farmer’s Market Challenge is a four-week program that asks participants to go to a farmer’s market once a week and purchase either a fruit or vegetable.

People who sign up will be asked to keep a log of their activity. If their logs meet the requirements at the end, they win a prize.

The goal of the challenge is not only to encourage eating healthy, but also to get to know where local food comes from.

“It’s nice just to be able go to the farmer’s market and meet the farmer who prepared your vegetable,” said registered dietitian Abbie Willey. “It’s fresh. Usually they grow it, you get it within a week and so it’s fresh out of the ground, whereas if you buy it from a store, it’s traveling thousands of miles. You don’t know who the farmer is. So it’s nice to get to know them when you go up to the market, too.”

If you’d like to sign up for the challenge, visit their page at