Farmers given chance to recycle ag plastic for free

Farmers in the La Crosse area have a unique chance to recycle a plastic byproduct that can be tough to get rid of.

A company called Revolution Plastics is providing dumpsters to area farmers to store old ‘ag bags,’ or the plastic containers used to house hay or feed for farm animals.

The plastic bags are so large, they can’t be processed at the La Crosse County landfill or burned at the Xcel Energy plant because they get stuck on conveyer belts.

Instead of having farmers burn the bags on their own property, Revolution Plastics Director of Operations Price Murphy says they will provide a dumpster to anyone who wants one, come pick up the plastic and recycle it to make garbage bags.

“Until now, they’ve had no outlet for it and it’s been going in the landfill, so we use that for good and keep it out of the landfill and keep the farmers from burning it on their farm,” said Murphy.

More than 3,000 farms across Wisconsin are already using the dumpsters, which are provided free of charge.

If you’re a farmer interested in getting a dumpster, you can call 844-490-7873 or go to their website.