Fans react to Brett Favre news

La Crosse residents share their opinion on Packers announcement

Whether you love him or hate him, just about everybody has an opinion on Brett Favre, especially following Monday’s news of a future Hall of Fame induction. So News 8 went out to catch up with the local bar talk to see how people feel about the announcement.

“Great news with Brett Favre,” says Packers fan TJ Mickschl over his burger and beer in a La Crosse sports bar. “Loved him ever since he came to Green Bay and brought back the winning championship teams we’ve had. He’s done a lot for the program.”

“He deserves it more than anyone else,” says Corey Holloway, a waiter at Onalaska’s Buffalo Wild Wings and a lifelong Packers fan. “He has so many records within the league, everyone in the league respects him, and it’s about time.”

Not everyone is so forgiving – especially those who aren’t Packers fans.

“When he retired, he should’ve stayed retired,” says Jason Larose, a Minnesota Vikings fan just stopping in the area for lunch. “He never should’ve come to the Vikings.”

Other fans have mixed feelings about the news.

“It made me pretty upset that he signed with the Vikings right after the Packers, but I also feel proud of him that he’s retiring with the Packers,” says Buffalo Wild Wings worker Alex Paradise.

Almost everyone News 8 spoke with Monday, however, agreed it was time for Brett Favre to make a return to Wisconsin.

“I think it’s time for the sides to kind of reconcile,” says Packers fan Nate Niehausen. “There was poor decision making on both of the sides, and I’m happy to see number 4 retire. There should be no other Packer to wear number 4.”