Fans of Packers, Vikings coexist for tailgating

Fans get along for pregame festivities despite rivalry

Music, food and a few beers.

Packers fans and Vikings fans alike arrived early before Thursday night’s game for tailgating at Lambeau Field, bringing Packer Pride face-to-face with Purple Pride.

Even on a Thursday night, fans filled parking lots for pregame tailgating. While the sea of green and gold is a normal sight, purple and gold also made a strong showing.

Viking fan Joe Desplinter is dating a Packer fan, which explains why he’s the lone purple dot in a sea of green.

“They threatened to kick me out a couple times,” Desplinter joked.

While Packers-Vikings is a fierce rivalry, the fans do seem to get along, whether it’s strangers or lifelong friends. Chris Kilibarda and Scott Minita flew in from Miami, but their jobs help the out-of-towners fit right in — they sell cheese for a living.

While not everyone gets along, most just wanted to just enjoy a night of good football.

“I called my buddy in Australia and I said, ‘This is what Americans live for,’ and it’s absolutely a fact,” said Kilibarda.

There were husbands and wives in different jerseys, and parents and kids in green and purple. But there was one thing many Packers and Vikings fans were able to agree on before the game: they were happy there were no Bears fans there.