Family turns home into chicken coop for 21 displaced elementary school baby chicks

LA CRESCENT MN, (WKBT)–Whether the chicken or the egg comes first, for one area family a full house came second.

21 chickens hatched for a kindergarten class at Crucifixion School for Kids to watch and take care of.

The problem was there were no students in school to care for the birds due to COVID-19.

So the Michaels family in La Crescent decided to take all of them in, and raise them in their home before they hit their farm.

And having a house full of feathered friends has been hectic, but fun for the family.

“Everything’s very new, I’m now homeschooling elementary school students, and teaching high school students online and raising chicks, it’s all very different,” said Cassie Michaels

“I like holding them with my brother, and they’re really fun, they’re getting to jump really high now. I don’t think we’ll be able to use the box we have for them now,” added Cassie’s daughter Mya.

Michaels hopes to move the chickens to the farm in a few weeks.