Family responds to Koula conviction challenge

Eric Koula convicted of killing his parents, Dennis and Merna

Cindy Cowell has been living with the loss of her family for more than a year now, after her brother Eric Koula was convicted of killing their parents, Dennis and Merna.

“They’re my parents. He’s my brother,” she said. “You can’t just give up a part of your life like that, that big of a part of your life, you can’t say it’s over and done with, move on. You can’t.

She’s doing the best she can to cope, by attending support groups and creating a new normal for herself. But her mind still wanders back to that spring day in 2010, and she asks herself questions that have yet to be answered.

“Exactly what went on in my parents’ house, I’ll never know. And that’s what leaves me wondering.”

After hearing Eric will appeal his murder conviction and ask for a re-trial, she’s left with more questions and less certainty.

Other family members are also struggling to come to terms with the possibility of a re-trial. Dennis Koula’s brother Leroy says he doesn’t understand why Eric would get another chance, when his parents never will.

“We’re never going to forget Dennis and Merna, we’re never going to do that, but just to get this trial out of our system, so life can move on, I guess,” Leroy said.

For a family that’s dealt with more than most, they’re just looking for some closure – but Cindy’s not sure she’ll ever find it.

“The fact remains my parents are still dead. My brother was found guilty as a crime. I lost my mother, I lost my father, I lost my brother, and his family. It’ll never end. Things will never be the way they were.”