Family: Mallery Muenzenberger buried in private ceremony

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — The family of Mallery Muenzenberger laid her to rest in a private ceremony, they said in a statement Tuesday, adding that they hope her son, Major Harris, will be buried alongside her.

Muenzenberger, who lived in Onalaska, was killed in Milwaukee earlier this month and her son Major was found last Thursday, also in Milwaukee.

“As the tragedy in the lives of Mallery Muenzenberger and Major Harris continues to unfold, Mallery’s family made the choice to allow Mallery to be laid to rest. She no longer lives in fear,” said the statement from her family.

Muenzenberger and Harris both died of gunshot wounds.  Muenzenberger was found Oct. 14 and an Amber Alert was issued for Harris two days later. A suspect in Muenzenberger’s death was found dead by suicide on Sunday, Oct. 17, and Harris was found Thursday, Oct. 21.

The investigation into who killed the woman and her son, as well as what brought them to Milwaukee, is ongoing, according to the Milwaukee Police Department.

Muzenberger was buried in a private service with many of her family and few close friends present.

“As difficult as it was for us to be together knowing Majors body is continuing to be held in waiting, we know in our hearts that Major and Mallery are together in God’s hands,” the statement said.

Carlton Harris, the father of Major Harris, said over the weekend that he plans to bury his son in Madison, according to Muenzenberger’s family. However, Muenzenberger’s family hopes he will allow Major to be buried next to his mother.

“We pray Major Harris will be allowed to rest in peace and this horrific tragedy can be allowed to rest as well. We pray for justice to be served for both of these beautiful souls,” the statement said.

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