Family Fun Walk raises awareness against child abuse

La Crosse event creates discussion about difficult topics

Some La Crosse families also took advantage of the nice temperatures on Saturday.

The Family Fun Walk is an annual event that brings the community together through engaging activities to talk and learn about ways to make our community even better. This year’s theme is ‘Great Kids Start With You’ with a focus on child abuse prevention.

By hosting these free events organizers hope to show community members just how easy it is to create a difference in a child’s life.

“They’re happy to be out, they’re happy to enjoy their kids when their kids can be active and they’re just having a great time, that’s a great parenting moment, because there’s lots of moments with parenting that aren’t so fun, and so it’s really nice to be able to create these times and just come together,” said la Crosse County Human Services Clinical Therapist Nicole Milliren.

April is also Child Abuse Prevention Month, bringing even more light to some difficult topics in our community.