Family finds impressive morel mushroom near Hillsboro

Dayne Larson Mushroom

HILLSBORO, Wis. (WKBT)– Morel mushrooms have a notoriously short time period to find.  But luckily for one area family, they stumbled upon this whopper at just the right time.

Dayne Larson Mushroom

Dayne Larson holding the impressive morel mushroom. Courtesy Taylor Larson.

Taylor Larson and her four-year-old son Dayne found one almost the size of his head near Hillsboro.

Like all wild mushrooms, morels require quite specific conditions of temperature and moisture to grow.

Some times the spring brings good conditions for morels, but other times not so much. Warm and wet conditions are best, but cold and dry can mean almost total failure of the crop, according to the DNR.