Family divided over Sunday’s Packers-Vikings game

For some, Sunday night’s border battle between the Vikings and Packers hits a little close to home.

For 14 weeks during the season, Sue and Dave Wise support one another’s favorite NFL team, even though they are rivals. But those other two weeks of the season, things are a little different.

“We’re usually on opposite ends of the couch and I’m usually the one doing all the cheering or getting frustrated over whatever is happening,” Sue said.

Dave grew up in Minnesota and is a lifelong Vikings fan. Sue is a lifelong Packers fan after living in La Crosse all her life.

“My whole family is Packer fans and I’ve been a Packer fan forever and that’s not going to change,” Sue said.

When she says whole family, that includes the couple’s three boys.

“Well they know better than to cheer for the Vikings,” Dave said.

“It’s never really been that big of a deal. They’ve always cheered for the Packers, I think. That’s just because the Packers are always the winners so they want to stay on the winning side,” Sue said.

Fortunately for Dave, the family’s three dogs are all Vikings fans.

“He thinks it evens it out that way,” Sue said. “I’m like, ‘Well, you can have her for (as) your supporter.’ I’ve got the boys, they cheer louder anyway.”

When the border battle begins, so will the trash talking.

“Usually it’s pretty loud. When somebody scores, we’re not quiet about it,” Sue said.

“When the Packers score, it’s loud and everybody knows about it, when the Vikings score I just nod and say, ‘OK,’ and walk off,” Dave said.

With the countdown to kickoff underway, both believe their team will be victorious, but said it will be a good game either way.

“I wasn’t remotely worried about the Vikings last year, not at all. This year they’re playing well. It’s going to be a tough situation, I think, but I know that the best team will win,” Sue said.

Dave said he is a good luck charm for the Packers because when they have seen the Packers-Vikings game at Lambeau Field, the Packers have always won.

A reminder that game has been moved to Sunday Night Football. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. on NBC.