False alarm ice rescue on French Island

Crews were called to report of person who possibly fell through ice

Rescue crews were called to the French Island spillway at about 10 a.m. Thursday for a report that someone may have fallen through the ice.

A person walking on the spillway called for help after the individual thought s/he saw someone fall while on the ice and possibly through it.

Town of Campbell first responders searched the area and confirmed the person got up on their own and was fine. A fire captain said the bystander did the right thing calling for help.

“Yes, always, definitely. If a person got injured, we could at least get them back off the ice, if they are out there laying, if they didn’t fall through,” said Town of Campbell Fire Captain Mike Wuensch.

Captain Wuensch said it’s important to always spud the ice to make sure its thick enough, know the area, and always have someone with you.