Fake letter mailed to local high school seniors

Some high school seniors in La Crosse received an unexpected and somewhat shocking letter that was made to look like it came from the La Crosse County Republican Party. However, officials from La Crosse GOP said, the letter is not from them.

“This is the dirty side of politics that is the reason why so many people don’t want to get involved in politics,” said Bill Feehan, the chairman of the La Crosse County Republican Party.

Earlier this morning, seniors from La Crosse high schools received a fake letter claiming to be from the La Crosse County Republican Party.

“There really just isn’t any room for this kind of garbage,” said Feehan.

The letter begins by encouraging students to be interested in politics, but takes a sharp turn by attacking schools for their curriculum about Republicans.

The letter claims to recite history between the two parties, the bullet points include statements like….

‘The Republican Party was founded to free the black slaves, while the Democrats fought to keep the black slaves.’

‘The Ku Klux Klan consisted of mainly Democrats, while the Underground Railroad was run by Republicans.’

‘Susan B Anthony illegally cast her vote in the 1872, it was a straight Republican ticket.’

After fact checking, the claims are exaggerated history. The second side of the letter makes generalized statements about work ethic differences, historic differences and societal differences between the two parties.

“Those are not the views of the Republican Party, we totally repudiate those views that were in that letter and we’ll be looking into sending out our own letter,” said Feehan.

Those who work directly with recruiting students to the Republican Party here were shaken up over the letter.

“And it’s like.. OK I’ve been here 25 years and now everything that I’ve tried to promote has been erased with one, two page letter so how do we rebuild from what we’ve lost?” said Patti Nuttall, a volunteer and recruiter for the La Crosse County Republican Party.

The letter also came with a coupon, offering a student membership for 10-dollars and a free ‘Make America Great Again’ hat. Feehan said you can get a membership and a hat for 25-dollars.

We confirmed that students from both Logan and Central high school received the letter. Feehan said the party will investigate the letter and its origins.