F-16 flyovers a common sight in Adams County

NEW CHESTER, Wis. — Airspace in Adams County is used daily for F-16 training exercises, according to officials with the Wisconsin National Guard.

Still, residents near Oxford were shocked when they saw one nose-dive into the ground on Tuesday.

“I knew they were around there, doing their dog fights and stuff,” said Wyatt Schwersenka, of Westfield.

Schwersenka was on his way to go fishing Tuesday when he saw the silhouette of a pilot parachuting the ground.

“Then I saw the plane go down and I saw the other F-16 that he was with circling around,” said Schwersenka, as he described how the fighter jet took a nose-dive and slammed into the ground.


“(The pilot) ejected safely. Both the pilot and the aircraft have been recovered. The pilot is coherent, he is talking, and he is receiving a thorough medial evaluation,” said Guthrie.

Guthrie says the crash left a significant debris field.

However, those that saw him on the ground say he was shaken up.

Military officials say the investigation into what caused the crash will be handled by the United States Air Force.

People in Adams County are just breathing a sign of relief that no one was hurt.