Eye Piece: F Troop

American Legion firing squads are kept busy throughout the year.

Chief photographer Chuck Oedsma tried to keep track of Legion post 52’s ‘F’ troup this past year for this Veteran’s day Eyepiece.

“Squad, Ten-hut.”

“Its purpose is to, to honor fallen veterans.”

“Present arms.”
“It is a commitment. And uh, you have to really be devoted in order to do it.”

“Port arms.”


“Ready. Aim.”

“It’s very scary when the guns go off”.

Port arms.

“I think we’ve lost about 20 this year. Of our own members, and some of them are members of the squad.”

“Present arms.”

“It’s very moving when they shoot the guns. You know the flag and all. Its wonderful. I hope everyone that served in any capacity can have that kind of a tribute.”

“It gets very emotional. Of course Taps is emotional to begin with. We’ve played it many times, and still brings tears to our eyes.”

“Order arms.”

“If we’ve got some veterans out there that would like to become part of the squad they certainly would be, welcome them aboard with no problem.”
“Squad, fall out.”

As you heard, the firing squad at Post 52 is always looking for interested people who want to serve on the squad.

If you or someone you know is interested you can call Post 52 at 782-3232.