Eye Piece: Beyond the Egg

“My family has raised chickens for generations,” says Kelli Hoff.

“First thing, you have to find the udders. They’re a little hard to find at times.”

“You have to make sure not to pull the feathers…they don’t like that. And there’s definitely an art to it.”

“Once the milk starts flowing, it’s easy from there. It doesn’t always come out an once, sometimes there’s a little left. So if you just give them a general squeeze, you can get the last few drops.”

“They don’t hold as much as a cow, but they like being milked, cause sometimes they get full. And that’s where the eggs come in. You cant milk them 24-7, so overnight, they lay eggs. And that comes in really handy cause it’s portable.”

“I have about 30 chickens, so it could take all morning to finish with them but its totally worth it to follow in my family’s foot steps.”