Experts encourage pollinator protection during World Bee Day

LA CROSSE CO., Wis. (WKBT) – They’re not everyone’s favorite creature, but agriculture experts want everyone to have a little appreciation for bees.

May 20th is World Bee Day.

Bees are one of many important pollinators, and that makes them essential to plant life and ecosystems.

More than 75% of the world’s food crops depend on pollination from animals and insects.

There are ways to help the 400 species of bees that call Wisconsin home.

“[People] can grow flowers or plants that bees like, and then also wait until spring to clean up,” said UW Extension Agricultural Educator Kaitlyn Davis. “A lot of times, people like to do a fall clean up in their garden, but if you leave some of those plants, a lot of our solitary bees that are one of the first ones to come out in the spring will then help to pollinate.”

To attract bees and give them vital food sources, Davis recommends planting flowers native to Wisconsin.

Non-native plants don’t support pollinators as well, and won’t attract some bees to plants you want to have pollinated, like the produce growing in your garden.

You can learn all about bees and beekeeping on La Crosse County’s UW Extension office’s website. They have a document on their page with a list of native plants that will help out pollinators in your garden.