Exotic lizard found hiding under steps of Onalaska home

The Savannah Monitor is native to Africa

An exotic lizard was spotted over the weekend in Onalaska, and is now calling the Humane Society its home.

According to the Animal Control Supervisor at the Humane Society, Kathy Kasakaitas, this is the first time in Coulee Region Humane Society history that they’ve housed a Savannah Monitor Lizard.

Savannah Monitor Lizards are native to Africa, and a full-grown adult typically reaches between 10-13 lbs and up to 5 feet long.

Savannahs are strong and large escape artists, requiring a minimum of an 8 by 4 feet enclosure. The Humane Society says this is most likely why they received a call about the not-so-little guy hiding underneath the steps of an Onalaska home.

“This is definitely one of the firsts. We’ve gotten in iguanas before, but we’ve never gone for a running-at-large, Savannah Monitor… ever,” said Kasakaitas. “They are brought over in the pet trade industry. It is a pet to somebody, an exotic pet.”

Unfortunately, the giant lizard is not up for adoption, but the Coulee Region Humane Society is looking for a rescue group or sanctuary to be able to adequately provide for the lizard’s needs. That is, if the owner does not claim the lizard.

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