Ethics panel: Reynolds OK to take 9 rides on private jets

A state ethics board says Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds did nothing wrong in accepting nine rides on private jets in the last 14 months, concluding they were legitimate in-kind campaign contribution allowable under Iowa’s gift law.

The Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board on Thursday considered two complaints about a December trip to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis when Reynolds, her husband and two children flew on a private jet owned by the chief executive of Sedgwick. The company was paid $1 million last year to administer workers’ compensation claims for state employees.

Attorney Gary Dickey, a Democrat, says the $2,880 claimed in campaign documents underestimated the value of the flight by half.

The board says it allows campaigns to value such flights at commercial airline rates and concluded the value of the flights was reasonable.

The board found all the flights to be allowable under Iowa law.