Ethics complaints filed against Houston Co. zoning administrator

The complaints are surrounding the frac sand mining issue

Houston County’s zoning administrator is the target of three ethics complaints filed.

The first complaint says the zoning administrator did not enforce an ordinance requiring mining operators to create a plan to restore the land after mining operations are finished.

The second alleges the zoning administrator encouraged county officials to approve a permit on a mine that had violations.

The third claims the zoning administrator has a mine of his own and should have recused himself from the process.

All three come from residents who have been pushing for frac sand mining to be banned in Houston Co.

“I would like to see enforcement of the current ordinance, I would like to see accountability in planning and zoning, frankly, I think we need some turnover of people,” said Bryan Van Gorp who filed the complaints.

The county’s human resources director says they will review and follow up on the complaints.

“We take all complaints seriously. We look for resolution when appropriate. The key though is neutrality and due process,” said Theressa Arrick-Kruger.

There is no set timeline for the complaints to be addressed.