UPDATE: Health Department gives Erickson Club clearance to open

Part time staff member tested positive for COVID-19
Bgc Erickson Club Remains Open

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The summer programs at the Terry Erickson Boys & Girls Club has received clearance from the La Crosse County Health Department to reopen.

Club administration was notified on Friday that a part-time staff member tested positive for COVID-19. Administrators immediately contacted the La Crosse County Health Department and closed the facility until recommendations were received from health officials. Due to the club’s safety precautions, including an increased cleaning schedule and the wearing of masks, the Club programs were able to stay in operation.

All sites in operation will continue with summer programming along with limited athletics practices, including Terry Erickson Club, Amie L. Mathy Club, Schuh/Mullen Club and Huber Homes Club.

According to a letter to parents, club administration said the staff member worked Monday, June 15 and Tuesday, June 16, and was exposed to the virus at a different job.