Jimmy Fallon interviews Paul Rudd in 60 seconds

NBC showing abbreviated 'Tonight Show' episodes

(CNN) - Jimmy Fallon is currently sharing NBC airtime with the Olympics and that means abbreviated episodes of "The Tonight Show."

We're talking just five minutes.

But on Monday, Fallon managed to pack a lot into those 300 seconds. He gave viewers a short version of his nightly monologue, which he spent poking fun at Fergie's rendition of the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game, and still had time a celebrity guest.

Fallon interviewed actor and friend Paul Rudd in just 60 seconds.

Rudd answered some rapid-fire questions about his new movie, "Mute" before the two performed a duet of "Shout."

Fallon's shortened show has been dubbed "Fallon Five" and will air all week on NBC.

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