EMS providers recognized for service to the community

When someone calls in a time of crisis, emergency medical service providers spring into action. These providers are being recognized for their joint response efforts during national EMS week.

EMS week is a way to thank those who help us in a time of need, like paramedics, emergency room staff or firefighters. Because of the amount of people who respond to crisis situations, this year’s theme is ‘Stronger Together.’

Some my not think of the fire department as EMS, but firefighters also respond to many emergency medical calls. They can help stabilize and assist patients while additional help is on the way.

“We don’t triage 911 calls, we respond. We respond at different levels and work with Tri-State [Ambulance] after the fact of turning that patient over to them,” said Capt. Lance Tryggestad of the La Crosse Fire Department. “They may or may not be transported. They may just stay in their home and they just needed help getting up or something like that. But we are there for them.”

This is the 44th annual EMS week.