Employment website releases report on top 25 jobs in America

Jobs ranked on earning potential, career opportunities, job openings

As the job market continues to bounce back, jobs are opening up in many different areas.

To keep track of those openings, a national employment website has released its list of top 25 jobs for 2015. What does it mean for colleges helping students get into the job market?

College career advisers say it’s important to pay attention to labor market trends, but they also say it’s even more important to pay attention to the students and find careers that are best for them.

Kendra Kapitz, a sophomore at UW-La Crosse, started college with an undecided major.

“I looked at a couple of health careers, but I didn’t know if I would want to do those. I didn’t think I would make it through some for the classes,” said Kapitz.

Western Technical College student Hunter Shawley is in the same boat.

“I went to UW-Eau Claire for entomology and then I changed my mind because the math wasn’t working out,” said Shawley.

Now Kapitz and Shawley are looking for their dream jobs. A new report by national employment website Glassdoor based its list of top 25 jobs for 2015 on three factors: earning potential, career opportunities and number of job openings.

The top three jobs on the list: physician assistant, software engineer and business development manager.

“We are always paying attention to the trends and the labor market information,” said Barb Kelsey, manager of career and academic services at Western Technical College.

“What are the jobs they list on there and how relevant are our academic programs to those employment opportunities?” said Tim Tritch, interim director of career services at UW-La Crosse.

Although college career service counselors make it a point to stay up to date on market trends, they said it’s important not to force anyone into a particular field.

“You want to be careful not to just say here are the 25 best jobs, because it may not be the best fit for every student that comes through the door,” said Tritch.

“You have to make sure that it is something you are interested in enough to put in the time to be successful,” said Kelsey.

Now Kapitz is thinking about a career in psychology, while Shawley is looking at journalism. Neither career made the top 25 job list, but that doesn’t bother them because in the end they both just want jobs they can enjoy.

“You want to do something you like doing because you want to be happy,” said Kapitz.

“What I am really looking into is something that fits me,” said Shawley.

Both career advisers said they use the new job trend reports to make sure department heads are staying up to date in classrooms. For example, if there are data showing growth in the IT field, departments will try to incorporate that into the curriculum to try to meet the need.

Click here to look at Glassdoor’s complete list of its top 25 jobs in the U.S.