Emmy award-winning actress holds acting workshops for local students

High schoolers in our area are getting a chance to learn more about acting in a unique way.

The School District of La Crosse hosted Emmy Award-winning actress Elaine Bromka for two 90-minute workshops Thursday morning.

Bromka has worked on Broadway, in film and television, and offered students analysis of their performances.

Students say they appreciated getting a professional perspective, especially someone with Bromka’s accomplishments.

“We get notes from our teachers and our directors, but to have that person who’s been on stage professionally, made a living of it, it’s really cool to have that opportunity for us,” said Killian Harnish, president of the Logan H.S. drama club.

“I’m just so moved by the truth of the students and also the daring at this age. To get up in front of one another and commit to something and say I’m going to reveal myself, that’s very scary,” said Bromka.

She isn’t new to teaching in our area. Bromka has also taught acting classes at UW-La Crosse and Saint Mary’s in Winona.