Emerson elementary honors super lunch lady

It was another standard day at work for Ms. Lindahl, until what she thought would be a meeting for all school cooks at Emerson Elementary, turned out to be an award ceremony.

On her birthday, Lindhal was the selection for Super Lunch Lady, and she hasn’t wrapped her head around it just yet.

“It’s mind boggling.”

But Mary wasn’t always a lunch lady; she started as a logger with her husband.

“We had to sell the mill and she took a job with the school district,” explained her husband John Lindahl.

“It was a midlife crisis, had a midlife crisis change,” laughed Mary Lindahl.

That crisis involved Lindhal to learn more about nutrition, which lead her to teach nutrition in schools. Before she knew it, she put on the gloves and hairnet. “I was cleaning up after one and I said, well I could work here.” But after 13 years at Emerson, what keeps Lindhal coming back?

“It’s just the kids… Kids will bring you back.”

So what about Lindhal’s performance that has earned her the title of Super Lunch Lady? She knows the names of every student, of every grade.

“After a month I was like ‘I got to figure out who these guys are’ cause they all like to hear their own names, they all like to hear something positive, you just get to know them.”

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