‘Emergency Precautionary Measure’ closes C-FC Comm. School Dist.

Juvenile incident happened off-site

Cochrane-Fountain City Community School District is closed Thursday because of what the district’s superintendent calls an “emergency precautionary measure” involving a situation off school grounds.

The Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office says the issue related to a juvenile situation that was thought to be “non direct threats to the school.” The sheriff’s office tells News 8 the juvenile is a student in the school district.

Superintendent Tom Hiebert tells News 8 nobody at the school was under any immediate danger.

“It was decided between us that the best action would be to cancel school for the day, secure the grounds, and make sure everything was okay and that there were no immediate threats at school,” Hiebert said.

The sheriff’s office and school district staff began securing the school grounds began at 5 a.m. The building was cleared by 7 a.m., but the site had not yet been resolved so school was closed and anyone coming to the school was redirected away from the site.

“In the best interest of the school and the juvenile it was determined that school would not open today,” the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. Shortly after 8 a.m. the juvenile issue was resolved safely and no one was injured or in custody. The sheriff’s office said the school could open, but at that point it would have been too difficult to contact all of the parents to bring their kids back to school since they had already said school was out for the day, Hiebert said.


“Whether you’re a small school, a big school or where you’re located, the potential could happen for something bad to happen, and we want to prevent that if we possibly can,” Hiebert said.

Hiebert said school will be back in session on Friday.

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