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Changes to system to make it easier for subscribers to manage alerts

We’ve made some changes to our email alerts system that will benefit our subscribers. The changes will make it easier for you to manage the email alerts you’re signed up for.

In the far upper left-hand corner of you’ll see, Log In. This is the easiest way to access the new email alert system.  Once you click on Log In, you’ll see LOGIN and SIGNUP. The first time you access the system you’ll have to click SIGNUP. You can sign up by using Facebook, Google, Twitter or directly on our website (Log in directly with WKBT). 

If you choose to sign up directly with WKBT, you will need to type in your Email Address, create a Display Name, Password, and Verify your password. Check the box to note you are 13 years of age or older and then click Sign Up.

You will be sent a confirmation email from Click the link in the email to confirm and activate your email subscriptions.

If you sign up with the same email that you used for our old email system, you will be recognized and you will be asked whether you want to continue or modify your subscriptions.

Email news, weather alerts from

Here are some FAQs:

What are the current email alerts that I can sign up for?
-Daily Forecast (9 a.m. daily)
-Severe Weather Alerts (choose from 21 counties)
-Local Breaking News
-National Breaking News
-Most Popular Stories 8 a.m.
-Most Popular Stories 1 p.m.
-Morning News Headlines (10 a.m. daily)
-Afternoon Headlines from (4 p.m. daily)

What if I want to change my subscriptions or delete my profile?
To change your subscriptions, sign into the system. Click on the SUBSCRIBE button to subscribe to an offer or click UNSUBSCRIBE to unsubscribe from an offer. You can click DELETE PROFILE if you want to be completely removed from the system.

For how long will I remain logged into the site?
Email subscribers can log in and log out as often as they would like, but when a user logs into, a seven-day cookie is activated on that computer. If the user comes back to the site within seven days, the cookie will be reset for another seven days.

What email address will the alerts come from?
The alerts will come from Be sure to add that email to your contacts so you don’t have any problem receiving them. The subject of the email will vary based on your email subscriptions. For example, for breaking news, the subject will be the headline of the news story. For the daily forecast, the subject will be Daily Forecast. For Severe Weather Alerts, you’ll see Severe Weather Alert for La Crosse County, WI (or the respective alert from the county you signed up for.)

Who will see my profile if I sign up for alerts?
Just the user and the administrators of our website.

Can my friend sign me up for alerts?
No. This system will send a confirmation email to the subscriber and they will have to click to confirm that they did indeed sign up for alerts. This essentially prevents someone taking your email address and randomly signing you up for alerts.

How do I sign up for text alerts?
Text alerts are sent through a different system. To sign up for text alerts for breaking news, school closings, severe weather alerts, daily weather forecasts click here: