Elementary student brings BB gun to Tomah school

BB gun closely resembled a real handgun

An elementary school in Tomah went through a gun scare.

Two elementary-aged children at Lemonweir School were in an argument Thursday when one threatened the other, saying they had a gun in their backpack. The student did not have the backpack with him or her at the time.

Faculty were told of the threat and the possibility of a gun and quickly searched for the backpack, finding a BB gun inside that closely resembled a real handgun.

The Tomah Police Department says the students did the right thing by saying something.

“We don’t know it all. The cops can’t see it all,  so if you truly do think there’s a threat that’s out there, we want to know about it. We can look into it. We’d rather put ourselves in the danger way than somebody else, and you really never know in this day and age if it’s real or fake,” said City of Tomah Police Department Sergeant Jacob Jones.

Since the student with the BB Gun is so young, the incident will be referred to the Monroe County Human Services.