Electric car donated to local composting project

Will transport food waste to vermicomposter

A car dealership is donating a vehicle to make La Crosse neighborhoods a little more environmentally friendly.

Honda Motorwerks donated a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle to a community composting project. The ‘Worm Mobile’ will collect compostable materials and transport them to a vermicomposting facility. The facility uses thousands of worms to turn food waste into fertilizer.

Vermicomposter interns say it’s a nice change to not have to use their personal vehicles to move the food waste.

“This vehicle will not only sustain an easier load on the wallets and pocketbooks of students, but it will also provide a more sustainable means of transportation being an electric vehicle. We can have that sustainable energy and it’s always there for use,” said Hillview Urban Agriculture Center Vermicomposting Intern Jeremy Shimetz.

The vermicomposter is made possible through a partnership between UW-La Crosse, Mayo, and Hillview Urban Agriculture Center.