Elected officials from La Crosse area discuss upcoming legislative session in La Crosse

Discussion part of La Crosse Chamber of Commerce Forum series

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Area elected officials and community leaders are looking ahead to the upcoming legislative session in Wisconsin.

The discussion took place during a La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce Forum in La Crosse.

Senator Jennifer Shilling, and Representatives Jill Billings, Loren Oldenberg, and Steve Doyle discussed the upcoming session during the event.

Flooding in recent years is drawing focus as legislators look to help communities throughout our area and Wisconsin.

“Hoping to be able to help at the state level, get all my collagues on board here and move this flood issue that effects our area seems like every year. We don’t know what next year is going to bring or this year, but more than likely, it’s going to happen,” said State Representative Loren Oldenberg.

Fighitng the opioid problem could also be addressed during the upcoming legislative session.

New plans could help those in recovery and stop people from ever becoming addicted.

“If someone comes in with pain, they can get for medical assistance for other therapies like chiropractic therapy or even acupuncture, so they don’t automatically look toward pills to help solve pain problems,” said State Representative Jill Billings.

Community members could also meet with new officials from area communities during the event.