Edwardo’s location bought by Good Steward Resale Store

Edwardo's closed last December

The site of the former Edwardo’s restaurant has a new owner after sitting vacant for about ten months.

The Good Steward Resale Store is expected to move onto the property this coming May. The current building is scheduled for demolition, and will be replaced by a new, 10,000 square foot location for the resale store.

Good Steward’s current location was bought by the state of Wisconsin as part of the I-90 exit three renovations. Under the lease, the store has until May 15th to move into the new location.

“It’s very similar, but the problem is, there’s 44 thousand cars a day go by the other location, 24 thousand cars a day go by here. So, we’re hoping that our customers will come down and visit us down here,” said Good Steward Resale Store President Henry Leibl.

Edwardo’s closed December of last year after 55 years of business in La Crosse.