Education can help stop bullying in schools

The school year starts next Tuesday for many area districts.

But bullying can make the back to school experience not so enjoyable.

20 percent of kids age 12 to 18 have experienced bullying, according to the National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice.

And children who are bullied tend to see increased rates of depression and anxiety.

Studies have shown that people are less likely to help when in a crowd.

But experts say education can help kids step up to stop bullying when they see it.

“We need to teach children how to be a bystander and not just tell them how to be a bystander, but maybe roll play it, show them how to do it, when kids are able to do that, giving them positive reinforcement for standing up for other kids, acknowledging that they’ve done that,” said Janice Schreier, Mayo Clinic Health System Licensed Clinical Therapist.

Only about a quarter of students who are bullied tell an adult about it, according to 2011 study.

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