Eco-friendly buses headed to La Crosse

Buses in La Crosse are getting greener. Both in appearance and in how they work.

“These clean diesel buses obviously burn cleaner, and we have a way better fuel efficiency than our old buses,” said Director of Municipal Transit, Adam Lorentz.

The four new clean diesel buses are the first time the MTU has received several new busses since 2007.

“Other than that between, one or two it’s been pretty stagnant. So we’re trying to revamp the fleet,” expressed Lorentz.

Five more clean diesel buses will be added to the fleet, as well as a possibly a different kind of eco-friendly bus.

“We’re doing two full electric buses and that was a grant process that we were awarded in 2018, and through the steps it’s now ready to go through contract,” said Lorentz.

If the vote passes at Common Council tomorrow, electric buses will be approved for the city, with hopes to be fully electric in 10-15 years when the clean diesel buses are retired.

The bus renovation plan is part of Mayor Kabat’s goal to have the city’s energy be 100% renewable by 20-50.

“If we collectively as a community are going to do our part to be a part of the solution when it comes to climate, and use of energy, and being efficient, you need everybody, or as many people participating as possible,” explained Kabat.

While the clean diesel buses do offer many eco-friendly benefits, they also offer perks and amenities for those currently riding.

“Really, what you’re going to notice is the sounds, the smells, and really just the ease of the ride. These have the electric power steering so the turns are a lot smoother,” said Lorentz.

So if the next bus you get on is lime green, know you’re in for a cleaner, greener ride.

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