Eat Week highlights restaurants in downtown La Crosse

Eat Weeks starts March 1 and goes through March 7

If there’s a restaurant in downtown La Crosse that you have been waiting to try, this week may be the time to do it.

Downtown Mainstreet is putting on its second annual Eat Week in downtown La Crosse.

About 25 restaurants have decided to take part in the event, promoting what they do best — which is food, drinks and a good time.

There’s nothing like the sound of breakfast in the morning, but the owners of Breakfast Club & Pub in downtown La Crosse say there’s nothing like the sound of breakfast all day long.

“We wanted to do something a little different than what’s around us. To offer something people love all the time, which is breakfast,” said Jackie Miller, owner of Breakfast Club & Pub.

“As of last week, we have gone through 75,000 eggs since we have been open,” said Mark Goede, also an owner of Breakfast Club & Pub.

Although the restaurant’s name suggests a love for breakfast food and the movie that holds its same name, they also offer other restaurant favorites.

“(We offer) burgers, sandwiches and a full bar with 16 beers on tap,” said Miller.

And that’s one of the reasons they are participating in Eat Week.

“It’s kind of a celebration of all of the wonderful restaurants we have here in downtown La Crosse,” said Robin Moses, executive director of Downtown Mainstreet La Crosse.

Over the past several years, Moses said the restaurant industry has become really strong in La Crosse.

“We have over 50 places that you can eat at or get a cup of coffee at or buy a treat,” said Moses.

And Moses said the best way to recognize them is to hold a weeklong event featuring some of the restaurants’ most popular items.

“The way Eat Week event works is that each time you go to a restaurant this week, you can choose from one of their special menus,” said Moses.

“We will offer two different three-course meals, which you have the choice of a beverage, an appetizer and a main entree, so we have a breakfast one and also a lunch and dinner,” said Miller.

This will be Breakfast Club & Pub’s first Eat Week but they are excited to get started.

“It’s fun to meet new people that are coming in off the streets,” said Miller.

Twenty-five restaurants have decided to take part in the weeklong event. Each restaurant will feature a three-course meal from a list of pre-selected favorites and you do not need a ticket to participate in the event.

Eat Week starts on Tuesday and runs through March 7.

For a list of restaurants participating in the event and a look at the menus, head to